Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Daily Mining Gazette - Articles should report the news, not be free advertisement

One of the local papers from "back home" always has "articles" that are from the local health department. Basically, they're advertisement reminders to get vaccines, which are disguised as articles. Most of the time, I write a note to whomever wrote the article via email, but I never get a response. I'm sure I'm known as the crazy who responds to their "articles" asking them to do a balanced/fair or show more than one perspective.

So, I do not have a child with autism, but I still worry about vaccines and many diseases, not just autism. Yes I know kids with autism. Yes I used to work in a direct care environment with adults with autism. No I don't know the cause of autism. Yes I am worried about the overall affect of vaccines on young children. No I don't think every doctor is out to compromise the immune system of children. Yes I do believe that major drug companies know that vaccines are not the cure all. Yes I know when drug manufacturers cause another illness, they later make money when patients need to be treated. Yes my children have received vaccinations. No I don't expect them to have full immunity. Yes I hope they work. Yes I realize that SV-40 is likely still in our polio vaccines and now most cancer has this contamination. No I don't think we'll see true freedom from medical bullying of individuals. Yes I do wish we really had true freedom to choose whether or not to jab our children with items we know have toxic chemicals (and possibly cancer) right in them. Yes I wish we had more awareness to the issues, rather than just articles in papers with quotes from people paid to talk positively about drugs. At least get someone on the other side of the stance rather than just the viewpoint that vaccines are absolutely essential and are full of benefits and immune boosters, because they aren't immune boosters - they (may or may not) help trick our body into thinking we've already had a disease so we don't get it... but we may get the disease from the vaccine, or the vaccine may damage us. Or we may be perfectly fine (or so we think). 

So here's my latest rant/email to the author of an article in the Daily Mining Gazette:

Thank you for being a source of news for the Copper Country. I do have to ask if we can get a balanced article rather than an advertisement for Merck and other drug companies.

My issue with this line from your article entitled, "Autism on the Rise," "The possibility that autism is caused by chemicals used in vaccinations has been debunked by numerous subsequent studies." is that it likely is not fully true. The "debunked" doctor actually has been un-debunked and is challenging the whole issue. Wakefield actually filed suit against the British Medical Journal (which has their own ties to drug companies) and no one actually has "proven false" which is actually impossible and no one gives any other REASON for these increases. Did you think to ask that question in your interview? When she indicated its been proven again and again that vaccines don't cause autism... the natural next question seems to be "well ... what does cause autism?" Right?

To make matters worse... we test primates with almost all drugs, but not the vaccines we give babies and toddlers. Want to know why? I am not saying testing primates is right or wrong, but why NOT in this case?

And for a mainstream news article... same thing. Monkeys given hep b vaccine (mostly known to be an STD, but the vaccine is given to babies at birth, even when both parents are known to be Hep B negative) develop autism-like issues...

If you get the chance to interview the same pediatrician, perhaps ask her how much her office/hospital has made off of vaccines in the past 12 months and any bonuses they receive for having a higher rate of "compliant" families.

The typical argument is that they don't use mercury as the adjuvant any more in most vaccines, yet autism is still rising... But they still use aluminum, another neurotoxin!

I don't expect things to change with the local paper, but it sure would be nice to see an actual article... one that digs for answers rather than just advertisements that unsuspecting individuals see as fact. It just boggles me that a news article can have just one side of the story. Doesn't that just make it free advertisement?

As of today now there's now a reported link between obesity during pregnancy and autism. Hmm, well all these toxins in our body are stored in our fat, so perhaps it is "our" generation that started getting more vaccines and it is stuck in our bodies that's helping that link? Or, perhaps the women who got flu vaccines during pregnancy may that as well. Maybe that's the next study that needs to be done? Whatever the cause of autism, basic science tells us a hypothesis cannot disprove something, you can only "confirm or fail to confirm" a hypothesis. Either way we must continue to wonder and be aware of what it is we're putting into our body.

If so many non-supportive studies can be debunked for conflict of interest, why can't all these doctors who are paid kickbacks for vaccines be debunked for making statements that affect their pay? Now I'm not saying all doctors do it for the money. I'm sure they've seen babies die from the craziest of things, but I do think that we need to make sure that, as parents, we know what the potential issues are when our child has something injected in them. Do I think parents should just drop vaccinating without researching? NO! But, I do think that if you choose not to vaccinate, you better do your best to get that baby breastmilk for a year or two. If you can't breastfeed, find someone who will share milk. As much as Nestle tries to mimic breastmilk's properties... it just ain't happening. I also think if you choose not to vaccinate you should be wary of where your children go - going into a public day care, not necessarily a good idea. Really, a parent should research their decision and weigh benefits and risks.

Make their own decision... but this blog isn't research and neither is a small-town newspaper article.


Tatiana said...

I completely agree with you. I always tell friends that they need to do their research and not just assume that all vaccines are safe for all people.

Thankyouabba said...

I agree, people need to do research. Also, women need to watch out with what chemicals they put on their skin and hair. These are chocked full of neurotoxins. I think there is a link with some of these and with the genetically modified foods that now have internal pesticides in them...nice. So you ingest them and get the pesticide causing cells? Weird stuff!
But it does say that all bad things come from the devil, in the Bible. So maybe we all just need to rebuke all this crazy stuff and believe God for good things and healings and a simple care free life.