Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wonderlust Movie Review

Recently, my husband and I were able to take time to have a date night. The stars aligned (it was a full moon I believe!) and Wonderlust was the next movie of our "acceptable" list... I laughed through the entire movie. So did husband. We shared quite a few inside jokes based on the movie... mostly surrounding me (in some similarity to Jennifer Anniston's character) and my desire to live on a commune and my new "projects" and plans that come through every few months. But, I do work full time and I do have kids, so I guess it isn't exactly the same.

I'm not a movie preview watcher (I find that when I do catch a full preview, when I later watch the movie, I know all the punch lines and the story line... what's the point!?) so I had no idea going in just how much I would enjoy this movie.

For my friends and readers, this movie has me "thinking" even though it was a comedy. I enjoy my garden. I enjoy my friendships. It is great to know just how much the world and G-d provides when we allow things to be and to relax and enjoy. Yes, I believe we all need to work hard to get benefits, but sometimes the benefits are in the areas we do not necessarily recognize on first glance.

(edited the first sentence... apparently I put that we went on a "data" night... nice!)

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