Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positive Parenting - Out with the rules

Every conscious parent has an ideal for what they want for their family. It may be content kids. It may be a peaceful interactions. It could be something rotating and include something as basic as not yelling for the day. It may be something that includes playing every day.

Positive parenting, like attachment parenting, are phrases parents use to describe a starter-type of parenting ideals. They aren't hard set like damaging parenting "books" like scheduled crying methods (Baby(un)wife and for hard core "Ferberizers," aka desensitizationers!) since it is KNOWN that the stress caused from cry it out causes brain cells to die, as well as a child's sense of security.

There are no rules, but it does NOT mean that a positive parenting or attached families do not have rules. It does not mean there are no "punishments," but many attached/positive families implement rules that make sense to each member of the family and "punishments" make sense for the "crime." Failing to eat dinner won't mean a spanking, but a preschooler may be told that if their belly is already full, it probably doesn't have room for the dessert. Each family makes rules that work for their family... and the kids are an important component of the family decision making. They may (or may not) set the rules, but their needs/age/development will be considered when the parents are looking at options.
Playful Parenting
is a book that has some ideas on how to interact with your kiddos in a positive way.

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