Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding your local parenting resources

What resources do you have in your community for parents? Are they all super mainstream? My goal for this summer is to rebuild what I had started at my "main" site ( before Russian hackers took over my message board!

There are so many books that want us to be paranoid over everything regarding parenting (and before parenting!). Media has us convinced that being a parent is entirely inconvenient (having kids isn't for everyone, and that's fine!) and if we actually want to be with our kids we're over indulgent and it is presumed our kids are spoiled and will never (EVER!) do anything independently. Thus, the reason I originally started Attached Resources.

In the mean time, watch for those gentle parents. No longer can we presume someone wearing their baby can relate on more parenting topics, but it doesn't mean you can't friend those mamas! We all can learn from each other and having friends is important in mommyhood... Unless of course you have your own commune, in which case... Invite me! :)

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