Thursday, March 22, 2012

Destash challenge

This is the first week in the past few months that I haven't given away a box of stuff... I can probably set it back to January... I plan to get rid of at least another bag of stuff by end of today. Luckily a friend is adopting a child from india and is doing a fundraiser rummage sale so I have been able to get rid of my usable stuff to her :) But wow, I could easily be a hoarder. I have such a difficult time getting rid of stuff! Before that I was frequenting Goodwill. Before my daughter's birthday we helped her pick some out of use toys to donate or get rid of. We also sent a few toys back with my mom when she visited that my nephews could use.

So to help with the destash I have a few rules:
- if it doesn't fit and it has a stain, gone.
- if it belongs on a wall and it isn't there, gone.
- if it is a shoe and it doesn't fit, gone.
- if it is a book or magazine and i won't read it, gone.

Scrap fabric I'll likely never use!
I also have some of my diaper bags up for sale and plan to do the same with newborn cloth diapers.

Simple right? Apparently I have issues :)

I also need to keep up with a one in two out rule.

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Jamie said...

We love all the goodies you send our way!!