Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Darndest Things

Of course kids say just the greatest things! Well now I know that our daughter hears us... not sure about the listening, but here's a good one: Hubby: Yes! I finally solved this problem. (To 4 year old daughter) Your daddy's smart! 4 year old: But how can you be smart daddy? Hubby: What do you mean? 4 year old: You watch so much tv, your brain must be mush! Oh my... 4 year old loves watching tv and we try to minimize it. She knows to ask if something is violent or not. She knows that Sponge Bob is not allowed and it makes your brain smaller (or so we have her believing) and that too much tv makes you forget how to think and your brain turns to mush. Not sure how else to explain it... but she's listening :)

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