Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday traditions - keeping up the traditions, when all seems lost

Every family has traditions they grew up with that they either love or hate. Of course if we love them we try to pass them down, but if we're not so sure about them, we may not see the value in passing those down. However, we must consider that perhaps, some of the traditions we may not truly love, we may appreciate enough to carry on for our kids, just as our parents or grand parents did.

A big part of parenting is making decisions that are right for your family. For some reason your parents thought that a tradition was important enough to pass down: whether it is baking a dozen kinds of cookies, heading to the temple weekly, or giving foot rubs through Easter, if you remember them (and aren't entirely scarred!) consider taking some time to pass them down! Talk to the previous generation and ask the questions you didn't know when you were young - you never know what you may learn, and be able to pass on and teach your child. As technology becomes more of a common-place for our children, there is a likelihood that some of the "niceties" of family togetherness may be lost. Just as much as your family's traditions are there, talk to your spouse/significant other/baby's daddy/mommy and find out what traditions are there. It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it just takes generations of family to really mold a child's interest in their heritage.

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