Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giving back

Now that Halloween has passed, we enter the time of thanksgiving. Being thankful in a world where many of us want not, is especially important. The company I work for full time in my "real" life sent an e-mail notifying us that we each had $25 to put toward a project related to a K-12 school. Previously I had been introduced to this organization as my cousin, a teacher, had put up a request for funds to assist in his teaching endeavor.

Basically, through DonorsChoose.org, Donors, like you and I, can assist teachers in funding solutions to their every day work life - and OUR every day community.

If you have some extra money this month, why not consider helping a teacher in your area? If you don't see a project in your area, you can search by type (say literacy or healthy living) or give to one in a high poverty area.


If you can't choose one, enlist your kids to help - the youngest of the young can randomly click and the preschoolers and above may just help you decide based on how you explain to them what these needs are and mean.

While there, check out the information from Stephen Colbert and Oprah as well :)

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