Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bjorn, Infantino and now Britax: Crotch dangling baby wearing...

Britax is the latest of crotch dangling possibilities for your child in need of spine and hip issues!

Ugh, another crotch-dangler. There’s been many complaints in the baby-wearing community regarding the Bjorn classic baby carrier that has a super narrow crotch. Now, the beloved Britax company has a crotch dangler of their own. A good position for a baby or toddler (or preschooler or very tall kindergartener wearing (You know who you are!)’s legs is one where their entire bottom is covered, forcing them to be in a seated or “froggy” leg position, as close to a 90 degree angle as possible.

Are they trying to be a Bjorn or a Snuggli? Apparently they know it is good to keep baby’s legs in a seated position, but they don’t have it a default since they have a “removable infant insert”. Honestly, I am not sure why. From their website “How does my child benefit from a carrier that features a Removable Infant Insert?
The Removable Infant Insert elevates your baby and provides a wider seating area by cradling their bottom and thighs, allowing them to splay their hips and legs when facing inward. This ensures that your smaller baby will be more comfortable and closer to you, while maintaining a natural sitting position.
How does the Removable Infant Insert work?
The Removable Infant Insert easily attaches to the BRITAX BABY CARRIER using integrated zippers and snaps creating a "hammock" that elevates your smaller baby.” (Retrieved 10/25/2011)
While they mention the idea, they don’t seem to fully grasp the reasoning for good position of baby. For more information on great baby wearing, seek out your local Baby Wearing International group and visit sites such as Storchenweige which has great reasoning behind getting a quality baby carrier. For those in Phoenix, Babywearing in Phoenix is a great resource!

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