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Breastmilk storage bags - Giveaway Sponsored by Honeysuckle Storage Bags

Work outside of the home? How do you store your milk?
For a breastfeeding mom, not much is needed to ensure breastfeeding success. Perhaps, the less you have around at the beginning, the easier breastfeeding can be. How is this possible? Well, when you’re nursing your baby all you need is your breast and your baby. Support by your loved ones or a group of friends may also make breastfeeding more enjoyable and successful.
However, once a good pattern has been established, many moms choose to pump (or even pump earlier on to help increase production or for storage for later), especially if they are returning to work. When moms return to work, there are protections available in the US to help make sure pumping can be done. After all breastfed babies are healthier than their formula-fed counterparts, thus their parents take fewer sick days.
For breast milk storage, there are reusable and throwaway options. Reusable options are often bottles that are attached to a pump. For long-term storage, this may not be the best option, especially because it can be costly if a mom plans to store a lot of milk.
Throwaway options are often breast milk storage bags.  These are one-time use and often used by pouring the pumped milk from the bottle into the storage bag. Some storage bags come with a piece of tap to allow a mom to pump directly into the bottle. Other bags can be retrofitted to allow a mom to pump directly into the bag.

To do so:
  • Use freezer tape
  • Open the storage bag
  • Place the tape on one side of the storage bag opening, place beneath your pump.
  • Tape over the top of the pump and secure on the other side of the storage bag. Slightly tug on the bag to ensure the bag is secure. Nothing worse than spilt (breast)milk!
So what bags are out on the market?
Honeysuckle Storage bags Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags, 75 Ct (3 Boxes of 25 pcs) are a new storage bag option that is on the market, and are listed as BPA-free. They are on sale on at $16.25 for 75 of them (regular price is $24.95).  This equates to around $.22 each. They easily store up to 8 oz, though the top line is at 6 oz. These bags are also bio-degradable, which benefits the earth since they are disposable bags. I received a sample (by request) and was happy to find that opening was quite easy, and no tearing occurred. They were like other breastmilk storage bags in how they worked, and the milk, once thawed, did pour easily into a sippy cup for my toddler.

Here is a comparison of some storage bags found on Amazon.

Bag name
Advertised as BPA-free?
Double sealed?
Cost each
Honeysuckle storage bags
Biodegradable and an “easy pour” spout



*Many amazon reviews of leaks

·         These are based on website and/or packaging claims and are based on prices as of 5/10/2011.
When buying breastmilk storage bags, check reviews, be sure there aren’t issues of leakage. When you use them, double check they are sealed, and store in the freezer away from the door. The coolest temperatures in a regular freezer is in the back of the freezer. Also, be sure you aren’t buying drop in bags – they don’t reseal for storage!
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