Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our latest giveaway.. MOSAIC MOON

Hello to all of our forum members! I am extremely happy to see our forum


A few ways to help make this forum the best for those involved is to post your referrals! Let us know

1) Where the great naturopaths, alopathic physicians, midwives and chiropractors are!

2) The great attachment parenting-supportive businesses that are in your neighborhood

3) How we can best serve you!
This month I'm offering $10 amazon gift card (US residents only, if you are outside the US and win, we'll work something out for you!) to the user with the most points (posts/referrals, rules in the forum:

In addition, on our facebook page, I've been posting mini contests... but this upcoming one is anything BUT mini... in fact it is 6 oz of mosaic moon wool yarn!

I'll be posting the details on our facebook fan page in the morning, but current forum memebers are getting this sneak-peak tonight so you can get a head start!

1) Contest Begins at 10:30 pm PDT 9/16/2010 and ends 9/21/2010 at 11:59 PDT.

2) Forum members are only eligible to win this contest

3) Every qualifying* post earns one point

4) Every direct link to our website or forum earns one point (use contest thread to link to your link, only one post on facebook or twitter qualifies per day, and do not spam us where prohobited (ie, diaperswappers)

5) Confirm you are a fan of us on facebook for one point

6) Follow our blog via networked blogs OR blogger for one point

7) A bonus point for each referral you make to a alopathic or naturopathic -physician, pediatrician, or a local attachment parenting resource (counts as a post and you get an additional point)

8) Two points for referring a friend to our forum

9) A bonus point for posting our banner (send me a message at amanda at with a link to us online on your website or blog (and if you post about the site as well, that makes two of course!)

10) Reply to more than one "Daily Aspiration post" (one point for two+ qualifying posts in that forum)

Void where prohibited. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone who spams and also disqualify posts based on lack of merit or invalid spam (posting hi 30 times and that's it..., spamming your non-AP supportive website or anything unbecoming of attachment principles).

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