Monday, April 19, 2010

38 weeks and counting

I am blessed to have friends who know that birth can be trusted.
I am happy to know that I have the option of how this baby is born.
I am empowered by the women who have succecssfully VBACd, and especially those who have HBACd and even more thankful to know that UBAC is not unheard of.
Unfortunately I live in a society that is inundated with untruths that have become fact for most. But I've been enlightened. I know that with every scare tactic is a statistic. I know that every statistic can be skewed. I know that by letting go of medicalization and instead trusting my body and listening to it will get us to the place we need to with this new baby.
I know that V's birth was the way it was so that I could be empowered and help educate others. I know that not everyone cares, and that is how it is, but for some, the education is what they need so that they can trust their bodies as well. So that they can experience birth so that they can understand that

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Anonymous said...

I'm 39 weeks on Friday, I'm so ready to meet my little girl!!

Good luck on your VBAC, I'm sure you can do it!!