Friday, September 11, 2009

Miss V's having a baby brother or sister!

we're happily surprised to be expecting a little one in early may-ish. V was born via an unnecessarian and i decided about 3 days post partum that i won't face the horrible recovery of surgery unnecessarily again.

unfortunately, in the united states, the assumption is "once a cesarean, always a cesarean" however, that is not true. in fact believing in that false logic is only preventing the US from gaining way on the infant mortality scale. while some hospitals have vbac bans (official and unofficial) there is nothing that prevents a mother from discovering whether or not she's a good "candidate" for VBAC, other than her doctor of course.

looking back, i wish i had just said heck with it and went with a midwife last time. i had considered it when we moved from maryland to arizona mid-pregnancy, but, to be honest, i was afraid and unaware of the real benefits of having a midwife. plus, my insurance didn't like midwives.

so we're about 32-36 weeks away from welcoming a new baby (sticky dust appreciated, thank you) and we have planning to do and plenty of education to be had. i won't be afraid to fire my new OB if need be (we did switch providers after V's birth, though i haven't met her, just her nurse when i had my annual earlier in the year, she came recommended as an OB who likes VBACs (or was it loves?) and her nurse was pretty knowledgeable and while discussing V's birth, she hands down was like and we wonder why you ended up in surgery! i liked her a lot!)

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