Friday, January 9, 2009

A week later...

And we're back in Mumbai. On Jan 1 we headed out to the train station at around 10 am. Our train was set for around noon. When we got there we were extremely surprised to see so many people - this being in Mumbai, which, of course is larger than New York City. Many people who looked as though they hadn't showered in a few days and many who felt it was their perogrative to urinate anywhere. A few minutes into waiting and we were considering by-passing Khujarao and just flying into Delhi.

We ended up taking the train, and boy was it uncomfortable. We had our own space, the temperature was fine, but 22 hours on a train with a 10 month old leaves much comfort to be desired. However, upon arriving, we were expecting a 30 minute drive to Khujrao. Oops. Turns out that 40 km that was in the brochure was actually 125 km. So, 3 hours later, on a winding road and me holding my breath for much of it. We made it. The driver was decent - he didn't seem to overcharge or make us pay an "Amanda tax" so we were happy. Our hotel wasn't bad either - it wasn't high class, but it was in the middle of the town, clean, and had good food. Cleanliness is more important than swankiness!

More later!

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Risa said...

Wow! So did you go to visit family or just for a cultural experience...or both!

I agree, I would take a clean room any day to a fancy dirty place, and of course good food is ALWAYS a plus! :)