Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're in India

I may actually try to keep this updated. We'll see if that happens.

Anyway, we made it to India. After leaving the house via taxi (a whole other story...) at 6 for our 9:20 flight, we were quite happy to make it there early. This was because Ravi had not realized that he needed the second part of his OCI card to make it into India. So 100 bucks and an hour later, he returned to the airport so we could check in and make it to our gate with time to spare. We had a seven hour lay over in London. If you have a layover in London, you can leave, but we were too tired so we decided to stay in the terminal. Too bad it was colder than a shack in the UP. The terminal at Heathrow is very pretty to look at - plenty of glass, but they have no heat. Of course we didn't have a blanket, so we kept warm by taking walks and keeping our jackets on. Viveka really didn't seem to notice, but she was worn in the mei tai most of the time as well.

We actually had a bit of a delay taking off from London, but still made it into Mumbai shortly afternoon on Sunday (middle of the night back home). We were sleep deprived, but still happy to see everyone. We made it through customs without issue and were welcomed by Kaka (ravi's dad) at the airport, and then by his mom, sister, neice and nephew back home. Viveka was happy to see everyone.

On Monday, many shops are closed, but Aai and I went to the market and shopped for some fabric. After about 20 minutes we left with 4 bags of fabric. In the evening (after a very nice nap) Ravi, Viveka, and I went to Ravi's sister's house for dinner (and some decent Spanish wine) and droppped the fabric off with Master Ji - the tailor. He's wipping up a new wardrove for Viveka, as well as some clothing for me. Nannu finds it hilarious that I am having a dress made for Viveka in the same material as a shirt for me. Matching-matching. Perhaps we need some family photos? Ravi.... how would you like a shirt to match us as well? :)

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Risa said...

Sounds fun! You will have to post some pics of the clothes you had made! :)