Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential debate and parental rights - who has your back

In just a few minutes we'll have our first "look" at the candidates. Some states already allow early voting, and media indicates that there are very few of us "undecided" voters. Perhaps that's because we have a passion for one candidate or the other. Or perhaps it is just "the major candidate other than X".

For me, I really wish it were Ron Paul debating tonight. He's one who seems to really know what's going on and what it means to have freedom.

As parents, we have to look at what laws affect our ability to be parents and have real parental rights.

He supports a family's right to home school. In many states it is so hard to home school, even when a child with a supportive family will thrive at home. But, states don't like to see families make that choice. School districts don't either - it means what... $4,000-$8,000+ in less tax dollars needed to support that child in public school, right? Check this out to see your local laws.

He supports a family's right to be aware of vaccines. Check out this youtube video:

When it comes to a family's rights, what current presidential candidate has your back? Do you know who has your back at your state and local elections?

Are you voting for freedom this year?


Megan Eccles said...

I love Ron Paul. It's a shame our political system is set up so that we really only have to people to choose from, voting for Ron Paul or any of the "other" party leaders would result in a throw away vote, and people frantically vote for their party's nominee to prevent the other party from getting into office. We need a REAL change.

Love Letters 7.10

Audrey said...

I don't usually comment on my political views publicly, but I think our country is at a very critical point where the growing divide between the haves and the have nots is beyond unfair, it is dangerous to the future of our society. I hope that whoever serves during the next four years will focus on helping all Americans have access to a better life - healthcare, education, business opportunities and more. The "American Dream" is becoming more difficult to chase and while a huge part of that has to do with us as individuals, I think government can help steer us towards a better path for society as a whole. Having traveled around the world, including to many countries where the divide between the rich and poor is very great, and witnessed what that does to society, I shutter to think what our country will become if our divide becomes greater and harder to close.


You know, it's really sad when you now have to vote for X not because you think he'll be a good president, but simply because you really don't want Y to win. So really it's a vote against one candidate, not a vote FOR a candidate because you can't vote for Z, L or M (who you REALLY want as president) because they don't have a chance at winning because they aren't republican or Democrat. It's just frustrating.

Sarah @ made in usa challenge said...

I try to hold back from expressing my private political views too, but just want to point out that this is another reason why it is so important to vote. I just posted about this after I read about the terrible voter turnout rate.