Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Montessori Sensorial learning

I've previously posted about various aspects of Montessori, but this youtube video really explains how children are learning in an environment where there's no start and end time to a lesson. Instead, children are introduced to a lesson, and then have the open work time to do that activity to its completion, then, put it away and select a new work.

Many of these activities can be introduced at home as well and give additional ideas on how to have an open learning environment that captures all the senses and engages independent learners. While an AMI school will use products that are known to meet specific standards for quality and consistency, places likes Montessori Outlet will give you a start to a great home environment and Amazon has a small selection of Montessori Supplies


Jenna said...

What an interesting video!

Sarah @ made in usa challenge said...

I'm really considering Montessori for pre-school for my son when he's a little older. For now I am trying to incorporate some of the principles in working with my son at home (he's 2 1/2). I love seeing kids learning by doing and not being confined to a desk all day.