Thursday, October 25, 2012

Presenting Arizona Breastfeeding Bag Project and Holiday event

The AZ Breastfeeding Bag Projects hands out true breastfeeding bags to mothers who want to breastfeed.

According to one of the group's organiziers, "This is an alternative to the formula bags that many moms will recieve at the doctors offices and at the hospital. It has been shown that when a mom has the support and resources that she needs she will continue to breastfeed."

These bags are available through midwives offices and upon request. The bag contains a few sample items such as nipple cream, nursing pads, milk storage bag, and lactation tea. It also contains on where to turn for information, including support groups.

In November the group is having a Boutique event that is working as a fundrasier. The hope is that the event that will bring together vendors and breastfeeding moms - pregnant moms and the community is welcome to attend as well!

They have the event set up on facebook here.

Join them on November 3rd at 1600 W Main Street, Mesa, AZ

Are you a vendor looking for an event to promote your product? 

Vendors will pay a fee for their spot which goes directly toward the cost of the bag project. There is no "percentage" taken from your sales, that is for you to keep. According to the Arizona Breastfeeding Bag Project says, "I guess this is kind of like a community service project to help mom businesses. During this time as will we will be handing out breastfeeding bags to anyone who wants them." Join the event above on facebook and message an administrator or email them at


For more information on the Arizona Breastfeeding Bag Project visit their website at, "like" them on facebook or email them at

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