Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get your lemonade - 4 year old's lemonade stand

A few days back, it was around 5 pm and my daughter noticed a girl outside with a table. She thought it was a lemonade stand, so we gathered our quarters and took a walk down the road. Well, it wasn't a lemonade stand, but a bracelet stand. She had already wrapped up though so we just continued for a walk.

Since V is always interested in making money, she asked if SHE could have a lemonade stand. I said yes, we could, but not that day. First we didn't have what we needed and it was late so no one would see what we were doing.

A few days later, though, we were ready to go.

get your lemonade!

get your lemonade!

get your lemonade!
She was so happy to have her lemonade stand up and running. Until... People kept driving by.
  get your lemonade!
But she kept at it. Lots of hopes.

But she did have a customer, and then a car with two neighbors (who I really hadn't met, oops) stopped by and donated $2.

The only issue was that she was MAD that they wouldn't take any lemonade. They told her they don't drink and drive, but apparently she's a bit young for that joke :)

get your lemonade! cash!

And when the whining started, I figured it was time to pack up.
get your lemonade!
All in all, though, it was an experience worth trying. Next time, we'll consider a non-cloudy day. Because clouds and the high 80s just isn't lemonade weather in the desert southwest!

get your lemonade!
Lemonade anyone?


Jamie said...

Adorable!! We'll join you next time :)

Amanda McMahon said...

V would love it :)

Jan Lee said...

Very cute! So neat that she made her own sign, and I laughed about the drink and drive comment,lol

Robichaux said...

Sometimes I see little girls selling lemonade when I'm out jogging. I feel bad each time because I never carry money when I run.