Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breastfeeding gains ground in Canada, but what is this article saying?

I came across an article about breastfeeding in Canada. The headline caught my attention, so I started reading it. The headline read, "Breastfeeding in Canada is gaining ground"

Great, right?

Well check out this little tidbit, under the heading, "Health Canada's recommendations on Breastfeeding"

It may just be semantics  but why the heck does the positive wording change when babies get above six months old? I mean they say that breast milk is optimal for growth. While breastmilk changes, it changes WITH baby, so keep breastfeeding! It SHOULD be the main source of nutrients and calories through the first year of life! So, if Health Canada believes in Breastmilk, like they should, why not say "Continue to breastfeed until at least one year, two years or more if possible. If it is not possible, consider donor milk banks or donor milk. If that is not possible, give baby (formula) until 9 to 12 months of age, etc...

Health-wise, financially and ease indicates breastfeeding can works - we not only need support from mom-to-mom peer groups, our friends and family, but also from health groups, such as Health Canada, WHO and AAP.

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