Thursday, September 27, 2012

Merida shoes... Halloween costumes and Dilemmas!

The dilemmas of parenting only get more complex... First, Brave is our first "princess" movie that we've introduced willingly to our daughter. Our au pair (and au pair's mom) brought our daughter to the movie as a treat. Our 4 year old was thoroughly impressed. She was reminded how great Merida was at a birthday party earlier this month when the birthday girl received Merida dolls.

Since then our daughter's been saving her money (and the coins she finds around) for a Merida doll. She finally had "enough" in my mind to get a doll (she paid $4 of the $20 it cost) and at the time also decided Merida was who she HAD to be for halloween.

So, we found a costume. She loves it. Wears it and hangs it up gently and understandably does not wear it while eating.

She has decided she'll make a bow and arrow and spent this morning picking sticks for the arrows. I get to make the bag for the arrows. Next on the list is to find feathers... she even was calling to the birds today "please drop your feathers, please drop your feathers, time to come down!"

But we have a dilemma.

The doll has blue gladiator shoes.

All the Merida Shoes (gladiator style) I find online are gold.

If you find any blue gladiator shoes in a toddler 7.5 or 8, please send them my way!


JR911 said...

Yep, that's a dilemma alrighty....maybe blue duct tape, spray Krylon or something will work if you don't find them.

Amanda McMahon said...

i may have to check out the krylon - i hadn't heard of it before

Margaux at YoungNesters said...

Hmmm what about regular flip flops and then wrapping them up around her ankle with blue ribons? I would also give Etsy a search.