Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lip ties, clipping, surgery and head bonks

As I wrote earlier this summer, our children both have lip ties, aka maxillary labial frenulum.

Well in July, after my husband and I actually discussed possibly having our 4 year old's clipped (due to potentially causing issues with her big teeth coming in apart and she already having decay/bacteria issues with her milk teeth), we found out it wouldn't be necessary.

After a fun morning of jumping on the bed (what's the children's song?), my son's knee hit my daughter's face and instant surgery.

She no longer has a lip tie. It hurt like any "bonk" would and there was a little bit of blood, but now, some weeks later, she's fine and it did not reconnect.

Here's her at 6 months, early teeth and visual of the early lip tie.


And here's her "broken" lip tie.


I wonder if this attributed to some of our early latch issues, but I'll never know. Likely it did, but in the end, well, we're not yet at "that" end...


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