Monday, September 17, 2012

Kids, they remember it all

Today, my four year old daughter was asking questions about why people do bad things...

For example, "why does the driver in the next car over smoke so it gets into our car?" And she STILL smells it even though we've turned?

and that turned into

  • What happens to people who die?
  • Are they happy when they're buried?
  • Why would you burn someone? (creamate)
  • What happens if someone's digging and finds a box and opens it and there's a body in there?

So that turned into a discussion about cemetaries and then about people who've died due to bad things they eat.

Which turned into...

"Mom, when I was two years old you didn't read the greedients" (ingredients).

To which I replied, "I believe I did, but maybe sometimes I forgot."

To which she clarified....

"No, when I was two, you got the ginger house with poison in it because you didn't read the greedients... You should ALWAYS read it to make sure they don't put poison in it."

Yes, so the point of the story is...

Mom, read the labels. Just about anything could have hydrogenated oils (what we call poison, among a few others).

And two.

Moms (and dads too!)... 22 months later, your 4.5 year old may just inform you a goof up you had when she wasn't even three. I don't think we've brought up this conversation any time recently, but kids have memories! Just this Saturday my 29 month old went hiking with my husband. Our son asked about the rain from last time they hiked... 5+ months ago before it got hot! Yes, he remembered that last time they went hiking they had to run down the mountain (dongar as he calls it) because it started raining.

They sure are sharp!

Which makes me think that I should have (should start?) doing more than just blogging and facebooking these things... A real memory book (since my scrap booking career just never took off...) may be in the plans!


Some Lucky Dog said...

Kids do remember and say the darndest things. I have a little memo book where I've written down the questions my grandson has asked and the things he's said. He's now almost ten and that notebook is one of my favorite joys!


Amanda McMahon said...

I think starting a book now isn't "too late" as I seem to believe. Thanks for the idea!