Monday, August 27, 2012

Support California Prop 37 and the companies who support it!

Here are a list of companies who support truth in labeling of GMOs:

Mercola.Com Health Resources Llc
Organic Consumers Fund*
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps 
All-One-God-Faith Inc.
Nature's Path Foods U.S.A. Inc. 
Fine Natural Food Products
Wehah Farm, Inc., Dba Lundberg Family Farms
Cropp Cooperative Inc. 
Organic Valley
Michael S. Funk
Nutiva, Inc.
Organic Consumers Association
Amy's Kitchen
Michelle Lerach
Presence Marketing Inc.
Eden Foods, Inc.
Ski Valley Foods
Traditional Medicinals
Edward & Sons Trading Co

(From Organic Consumers Association).

What this also does is help us know that the "9" labels will be used. I get so upset when I see people say "Oh! Check out this picture, the 8 means organic and 9 means GMO, don't buy anything with a 9 produce" Um, sorry, but that label's not required, so we don't see them! Help make sure we will know on fresh and prepared foods! Support Prop 37!

Donate to Organic Consumers Fund.

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