Sunday, August 19, 2012

Breastfeeding and Boy Scouts? Don't be a den leader

Courtesy Attachment Parenting UK
So I have not verified this, personally, but if true, this is quite the ignoramous of the year. According to the Unlatched blog, a "Boy Scouts committee chair voted off for breastfeeding son – Alliance, Ohio."
Breastfeeding HAS to become normal sot hat these things do not happen. So please, if you breastfeed. Do it in public. Really. For the sake of the next generation, give them a chance, give them a choice. Until no one bats an eye, women will be pressured due to social reasons to change over before they want to. It isn't saying that a woman can't choose to NOT breastfeed or to bottle feed, but it means that women who otherwise would breastfeed do not because they are uncomfortable. THAT is wrong. 


Anonymous said...

It is true. I am the person behind Unlatched and I have spoken with this women many times :)

Amanda McMahon said...

such a sad situation.