Thursday, August 16, 2012

A year later - first day of school

First day of Montessori - 3 years, 8 months


10 months later (we started "late" last year due to a trip to India).

First day of her new school., 4 years 6 months - after school... other kids ran up to the picture :)

This some how became her outfit.
My husband found this when I was installing a carseat!

Not a huge change to "us" and on meet the teacher day I showed her all the things that were the same and how much she could learn... but she still apparently ripped daddy's shirt at drop off :( She did say she's going back tomorrow. She informed me she HAS to throw a fit on the first day... She made a slight one yesterday at dance... a place she's been going for 1.5 years... and has seen that teacher for other classes (at another place) for almost 3 years! :) Guess we need to focus on what "have to" really means!

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