Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yay to Miranda Kerr - birth without drugs, birth without fear

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Did you see this article? Miranda Kerr, supermodel, saw online videos of babies born naturally and it affected her enough to decide that for her family, natural birth was the way to go!

This is how media works people! "We" are media - we can affect the perception out there that birth is scary - it isn't!

Now I will be the first to admit - with baby #1, I believed that if I said no to an epidural it would be enough, but I didn't have support or knowledge enough to know that by not questioning my induction in the first place I had set myself up and ended up with an unnecessary cesarean. Baby #2, I was able to VBAC but fear still took over for a bit and after a long, long labor requested an epidural.

Babies and moms deserve to birth in a healthy, loving environment. Let the babies be! Continue to post your stories of natural birth online. Show the videos of your baby coming into the world in a loving and drug-free manner!

If you're pregnant, consider hiring a doula and/or using the Bradley Method (Phoenix area, here's a great recommended classes) or another supportive birth method.

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Maria Ivey said...

I stumbled across the Bradley Method completely by accident while pregnant with my first. Those classes were great. I've had two drug free hospital births. If we have a third, I'm really hoping for a birth center water birth.