Monday, July 30, 2012

Stopped at import - Lead in children's items and more

Since US-based manufacturing has declined, import is the mode by which we receive our products. Each shipment of products that arrive at US ports are not inspected... but when they are inspected, some items are refused entry, which helps keep our children (and us) safe.

Now with hopeful new laws preventing more than just lead and a few other chemicals, etc may be we'll see our children protected more. 

To see what 319 products have been inspected and refused in the last half year, check out this link. A lot of the items are from China. Those from other countries tend to due to "flammability" issues... something I am less concerned about... after all, hopefully we'll find other ways to protect children from burns. Chemicals aren't the answers to safety for children, in fact, for other reasons, they're the problems!

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