Friday, July 27, 2012

SIGNATURE NEEDED Attachment matters - even with Down Syndrome

For those who regularly read this blog it is likely because you believe that parent-child attachment matters.

Help this family!
I do say it must matter even if a child has special needs - and probably even more! A child who thrives with routine and needs special care needs to know that the person who cares for him loves him, will protect him and go to bat every day for him. Every child needs that!

I saw a post about a Finnish mom living in the US lost custody of her son, Sam, to her ex-husband, in spite of the fact that he's not involved, doesn't seem to care or acknowledge the importance of routine for their special needs son (who happens to have Down Syndrome) and more.

It saddens me to see any child ripped away from any parent, but a mother-child attachment is at the cellular level (as indicated in this NIH tidbit, basically mom is PART of her baby more than we thought previously) and for Sam, I'm sure it matters even more.

Please read their story, and while I don't know this family personally, she's trying to raise funds to appeal this case. Please share Sari's story.

Sign her petition and help if you can.

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