Monday, July 9, 2012

A reminder to just say yes

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This is mostly a reminder for myself but I'm sure if I struggle with it someone else out there has had a similar day. 

As we headed out to swim class this afternoon with not a cloud in our 110*+ sky, my 4 year old daughter wanted to take her umbrella. Rather saying "sure" or "can you tell me why" I asked her if she had her shoes on yet. She continued to ask about the umbrella and I continued to not answer her.

I need to remember to create that "yes environment" to these "small" things. Even in the midst of trying to get out the door, these "small" things do matter, probably more than getting out of the door (and this time weren't even late!). My daughter WAS thinking, but I set her up to get upset. When I asked her WHY she wanted the umbrella, she replied "to keep the sun from my face." I, having grown up in a not so hot spot in Michigan, do not think of an umbrella for sunny days first ( as an umbrella would be for RAIN, right?).

I can only imagine how different things would have been if I had said to her, "how about we grab your umbrella after you pick your shoes" instead of just saying "I don't see your shoes on your feet."

These mistakes on my part are opportunities to do better AND to teach kids to be humble.

I apologized to her and let her know that YES she had a great idea and we BOTH can do a better job listening to each other :)

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mindomatter76 said...

I struggle with how I phrase things w/my children also. I want them to make good decisions without me constantly harping on them. It is a difficult job to be a thoughtful parent!