Friday, July 20, 2012

Not allowing strollers may be the best thing for families and businesses

A stroller takes up room, and baby wants you anyway!
I am honestly not sure if this is a rant or just me voicing what is likely a logical but not an especially popular opinion, even among the "not so soggy" group of moms.

Pick up your child. Okay that's not my rant... My thought is more that strollers aren't as necessary as we're led to believe.

This post comes in light of the apparently "discrimination" occurring in Australia where a coffee shop doesn't allow strollers in on weekends. Why? Strollers take up a whole bunch of darn room.

It isn't that mamas and daddies aren't allowed in to this coffee shop, it is that there isn't room for the strollers... Parents can go in, it just means they have to pick up their kids.

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Whodda thunk?

Babywearing doesn't take up
as much space as a stroller!
With my daughter I was hard core anti stroller. I actually didn't even put her in one, she was wore all the time. I remember when my daughter was around 13 months old, she wasn't yet walking and I was alone at a shopping plaza and had to use the restroom. I actually wondered... where do people who don't put their babies when they don't baby wear... And then I remembered that most people use strollers... oops!

I think the parents who are upset in Australia about this cafe just do not realize how easy it is to babywear. All this cafe wants is to make sure there is room for all their patrons. Perhaps that cafe can have some babywearing advertising so parents realize... you are still welcome here... we just don't have room for your friggen pram!

Really, though, you choose where you go... if you want to go to this cafe, pick up your kids, get a decent sling and enjoy your time with your baby.

And for the sake of the rest of us... perhaps this should be more common practice. I really hate when I'm at a kid's play place and people bring their strollers in. Now if you have a reason like a physical handicap or you're bringing in three kids, two of whom aren't walkers, okay, I understand it. But if you're walking from your car to the front door with your one child, come on! I really don't see how unpacking your stroller for a 15 step walk is easier. I really think it is a matter of practice that becomes preference... so if more businesses started this practice, I'd definitely raise my hand in support!

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