Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parenting is as easy as riding a bike

So we're 2.5 weeks in to night weaning our two year old and I'm wondering... is it easy to do?

I'd say no. It doesn't have to be done. There's no medical authority out there saying "you must night wean" - but we all know that a happy mama is a better mama. Mama isn't all that matters, but balance in the family is better than an over indulgent parent who self-sacrifices beyond belief.

This isn't a post that tells you how night X was of night weaning. Instead, it is a post reminding us all to be gentle with ourselves and to find that parenting groove that allows us to connect with our kiddos.

When I'm gentle, loving and mindful of ME, I'm a much better mama. Whether it is a water aerobics class, a moms night out or a pedicure, mamas, be loving to yourself.

Know your limits.

Get to know your needs.

An attached mama is already hard enough on herself without being stressed and forgetful of her own needs. It doesn't mean, spending every night away from your kids, weaning your 4 month old or sleep training an infant.

Baby's needs have to come first early on. Baby's are helpless and need mama (and daddy too). If you're thinking of getting pregnant and then let your baby cry it out every night or hire a $25 sleep trainer, you need to consider getting a dog instead. Of course my animal lovers and vegan friends may even have you reconsider that thought as well... but the fact is babies NEED mama. When babies begin to be toddlers, then start to get more for yourself. Don't forget who you are.
Don't forget to ALLOW parenthood to change you.

You're more than mommy, but you're not less of a woman. Allow parenthood to be part of your definition. Wear the mommy badge with pride.

IMG_2279Parenting has a huge learning curve - you need to learn it. Perhaps you need some training wheels - that's your mama support group - your "hype" group. Those people who help you get through the difficult times. The ones who help you meet your goals (not the ones who tell you it is okay to give up, because you CHOSE to be a parent afterall!), the ones who stop by with a meal when you're family is all sick. Those are the women you want with you. Find them, branch out. Find some girls you really sync with.

Once you know those training wheels, pass them on down to another mama. Be their support. Teach them to love being a mom.

Reach out, connect and be.

Take off those training wheels and let the wind be in your hair.

Enjoy, relax and find that pace with which you are comfortable.

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