Friday, June 8, 2012

The importance of healthy food for parents

We all hear the importance of good, healthy fats for young baby's brain development. We also hear about the importance of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.While many of us fail to see the importance of organics, we do often see the effects of over use of pesticides, lack of diversity in food and more.


Laws and bills aren't the best in a "free" society, but where we have laws, let them be good for families.

Food democracy is important. We will no longer have diverse fruits and vegetables, nor will we have the ability to know what we really are eating if big agra takes over.

Attachment parenting has to do with actively seeking the best for our kids and ourselves. If we aren't aware of what is going into our bodies and the effects it could have on us, then perhaps it is time we take action to have real food without toxic chemicals. Without being guinea pigs to modified food sources. We may not all be perfect all the time, but we can do our best to not be duped into thinking all food is created equal.

I urge you to visit Food Democracy Now for information on current bills before congress that could threaten organic and local farming.

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