Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piddle Pads for Elimination Communication - Potty Training Bed Pads

Wet beds are no fun. Washing sheets is not in my top 10 list, and neither is airing out mattresses. Mattress protectors are common, but not all mattress protectors are created equal.

Here are a few things to look for:

- waterproof versus water resistance (AKA, will the pee go through)
- chemicals used in processing
- other toxic issues

Rubber mattress covers may be extremely water proof, but you have to worry about puddles AND the fact that a face-down baby may not be able to breathe. If you decide to still use rubber or plastic, put an extra barrier between the sheet and the mattress, such as a thick cotton towel.

Plastic often contains multiple chemicals. Breathing in chemical for 12+ hours per day is not a good idea. Consider using items that are processed without chemicals.

Most regular mattresses are chock full of chemicals. Wool is naturally fire resisistant, so fire retardants such as PBDEs are not required in the creation of those products.

Personally we have Naturepedic - Waterproof Pad and we do not have leak problems. It protects our mattress and made of organic cotton that is extremely tightly woven. I am confident in the brand and love that it is natural, free of chemicals and keeps our mattresses from needing a scrub when we have accidents or leaks. 

We have a front loader and they wash easily in "bulky" mode. I usually line dry, but they do dry in the drier but do take a bit longer than a standard poly-based mattress protector.

What's the right way to protect that expensive mattress?

Check out the great sale on these non-toxic, wool-based (may need to be lanolized) piddle pads.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree that plastic is not the way to go. We used the Melton Wool Puddle Pad and just put an absorbent layer OVER the puddle pad (like a sheet or cotton receiving blanket) and the liquid will bead and roll right off. If baby pees on the sheet in an area over the pad, simply put a cloth diaper over the pee spot and let it air dry. Since it's made of wool, it has to be lanolized once in a while to keep it water resistant. :) - Andrea, EC Simplified

Lily said...

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