Friday, April 27, 2012

Outside my window - Thursday - Desert Window - Baby bunnies

Here's what we had out in our back yard this week.

Look closely...

Do you see the baby bunnies? My kids are so happy to see them. Earlier this week, my 4 year old wanted to "feed" them and she gave them rocks. So we got to discuss how fragile the bunnies were and how we wanted to leave them alone so they won't be afraid and also so their mommy could come back and nurse them. BTW, a request for the bunnies to get my milk... definitely passed on that request. 

And our desert garden 14 weeks in. Looks like tomatoes and potatoes and possibly some eggplant. Hopefully the beans will survive.

I attempted some additional plants out of compost and some Sustainable Seed Company carrot and other seeds... Apparently when you forget to water them, plants don't like it!

We had our yard cleaned up and while they did a great job, they overdid our second garden and dug up some actual plants, including strawberries :( Looks good though and we know where to restart! Lookame, Rohan would say :)

And we got rain Thursday and our make-shift laundry line broke with the weight of the hand-made quilt. 

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