Monday, February 20, 2012

Need bunny help for garden

We're 4ish weeks into the garden and I think the bunnies like our plants... they ate most of the transplant leaves on the blueberry "stick" we have (I can't really call it a bush). Many of the small sprouts I had for carrots, etc are gone. Some may have got too much dirt on them, but WOWsers. I feel like I'm starting over! For those not in the desert southwest... bunnies love backyards of homes that have view fences. That's one drawback of not having a neighbor too my back causing us to have a cinder block back wall.
Not naming names but some may have been buried by added compost :)

What we do have includes:
Chili for everyone!

potential strawberries
I have no clue... do you?

What I'm starting now... But I'm afraid this week of cool nights may not have been too helpful! Beans on the way, I hope!

So except for putting blood around my garden... what are your natural ways to keep the bunnies in your grass only? :)

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