Friday, January 20, 2012

A family garden - A desert experiment

This year I plan to really buckle down and do a garden. Since it is January in Phoenix... we might as well get started. This weekend's goal is to get some material to create a raised bed garden. This past year (and the fall prior) we tried doing in ground with a mix of compost and it just really doesn't work. We get chilis to grow and a half a tomato and that is it!

For those in a similar situation... here're some recommendations for February.

So how does gardening come into this blog? I really feel that this can be a family event. Most Montessori schools have their 3 year olds working the garden and V really loves watching the plants grow (but not flower!) in our garden... so I hope by paying a bit more attention and being more diligent in watching the calendar (I also have a GREAT book by "The Garden Guy" link below)... we can actually grow some of our own food this year!

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