Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dealing with our emotions as parents

It can often be difficult to discern our innate feelings from the emotions that may overwhelm our brain when we're faced with a difficult situation. Many families are facing financial issues, which, compounded with deciding between mom continuing to stay at home or going back into the career world, and/or feeling confused over what their familial goals are, can cause the even the best of relationships to get shaky.

What, then, is a family to do when their emotion-o-meter is out of whack AND the children are having difficulties of their own, which may or may not be entirely due to the parental unit's issues? It can easily become a cyclical issue where the parents are stressed, so the kids are stressed, so they act out, so the parents get up set and MORE stressed, so the kids feel it and don't know how to act around the parents anymore, so the parents get more frustrated, and on, and on.

Ever feel like taking a one-way train?
Keep your emotion's open and in check for your family!
As parents it is in our court to get control of our emotions. We cannot expect the kids to make things better, no matter how good it feels to have happy kids. The typical "family clown" comes from parents not having control and the child feeling the need to "make things nice." Instead, parents need to have time to really talk things through and come to a determination what is the (current) right direction for the family. Family meetings and open communication is also important at this time. Parents should talk candidly, yet honestly with their kids, even the young ones! Let them know that even if things are rough you are working to make things better! Let them know how helpful they've been- either way they do feel and know more than we often suspect. Plus, the more honesty that is out there, the more the bond of trust there is in the family.

Going back to my recent post about "me" time and/or MNO, keep in mind that your emotional health is important! a happy mommy is a better mommy. Be sure you're being true to you while you're being a great, attached parent to your child(ren)!

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Little Dimples said...

I haven't seen the recent post about me time, but this has hit home with the struggles we have been having at home. It is nice to see that even though I want to take a one way train to the fastest get away town I am not alone!