Friday, November 4, 2011

Considering co-sleeping?

So you found out you're having a baby and the first thing you did was go out and buy a car seat, the cutest-smallest socks and a crib, right? Well that's one of the things we did. Sadly, almost 4 years later, the crib was likely our biggest waste of money. While sometimes our 3.5 year old naps in it (now converted to a bed), the fact is, we didn't use it. Baby started in a bassinet next to our bed, and within a few weeks my idea of "I'll never co-sleep, I might kill her!" went away and I brought her into bed with us. It worked, baby was safe and we switched mattresses from our memory foam mattress to a more firm mattress that was in our guest bedroom, since firm is better for babies.

Daddy sleeping with baby in India. Completely normal!
Babies are actually MEANT to sleep with mom. Of course they're meant to be breastfed as well. There are a few points to note:

- only co-sleep in a bed
- if you are a heavy sleeper, consider co-sleeping, but not bed sharing
- if you are on any sedatives or alcohol, keep baby in a co-sleeper instead
- consider using a fan in your room
- do NOT smoke
- if you are obese, consider using a co-sleeper (then when baby gets older, push two beds next to each other in your room to give more space

Our extremely unused, expensive crib!
Also, know that there is actually a mother-infant sleep LAB that researches and finds how normal it is to co-sleep.

And, is someone telling you to move your baby or toddler out of bed? Latest research says to keep baby with mom until age 3. Consider the size of housing outside the US, and in past times, and you may just wonder where these kids are/were sleeping!

Watch this blog for ideas on keeping moving, bed hog kids, in you room, and keep your sanity.

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