Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Best Bottle Holder Around"

wouldn't that be a mom, or other loving care giver? According to http://www.bellababydesigns.net/ - it is a bottle proper. Another way for a parent to be unattached from their baby. I saw this item advertised in Kiwi Magazine, a magazine for "green" families - afterall, their tag line is "growing families the natural and organic way." While not all green families breastfeed by any means, at least most of the green parents I know who may decide to bottle feed full or part time tend to hold their kids when feeding their babies, at least until the age when they no longer need assistance. But a bottle holder called "Baba buddy" just screams anti-attachment. Their advertisement indicates "Use it in car seats, strollers, cribs, bouncy seats, and high chairs" - sorry, I'd have to say this item is totally wrong. Can someone please tell me an instance or why this item would be beneficial in raising healthy, secure children? Besides the attachment issue, isn't this a choking hazard?

(Photos courtesy amazon.com)
My thought? I hope parents aren't buying this product. If they are, I hope they're supervising their baby while their baby is being forcefed and unable to stop eating on their own.


Erin said...

Now to figure out how to do this for breastfeeding :)

Amanda McMahon said...