Thursday, October 14, 2010

The importance of sleep

Every parent seems to know the importance of sleep for kids, but it is important for parents as well. However, how do you combine you getting sleep and still being attentive 24-hour parents? First, it means prioritizing. We cannot want to be 24-hour parents and also believe that we can work, play league soccer 4 nights a week, go on date night, volunteer for the SPCA and the PTA, and still keep our sanity. It doesn't mean, either, that only the required things (kids, work (if necessary) and food) are all your life should surround. Next, it means realizing we may not get to do what we want right now. Finally, it means being able to tell others that you are confident in your decisions. Why is this important? Because many people will try to tell you that you are more important than your children. While, yes, we are allowed to be selfish, we should also be just as selfless. It means your children's needs also have to come first, so waking with them at night may be a necessity at this time. It means that foregoing watching Leno so that you are in bed before they wake is a nightly occurrence. We don't have TIVO but I hear it works wonders.

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