Thursday, October 21, 2010

Decipher a baby’s cry

I wrote this little note when our daughter was a few weeks old. We rewatched it before our son came along. It is an important tool in responding to a baby.

I highly recommend Dunston’s Baby Language. It is over-priced for the short movie, but if your local library has it, definitely check it out. If you have a baby on the way, maybe register for it, or shell out the bucks - I think it is worth it. In case you can’t go out and get it, the one I have (thanks Carolyn!) is for babies 0-3 months.
The basic sounds to listen for:
Heh - uncomfrotable, change diaper, position or too hot/cold
Neh - hungry - watch for the tongue curling up
Eh - upper wind, gas - burp baby
Owh - open mouth - tired, help baby relax
Eairh - baby has lower gas, generally from not burping. Massage tummy, back, alternating to get baby ready to burp

The DVD gives lots of examples of babies crying. Try to catch it early before the baby is wailing. We’ve been  using this and the only time Viveka is wailing is if she’s hungry and wet at the same time :) Since we cloth diaper the wetting is more appearent early on, but the good thing is no signs of any rash and we haven’t ran out of dipes at all :)

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