Friday, September 24, 2010

Cloth training pants

A cloth diapered baby generally transitions easily into potty learning mode, since they're used to the feel of being wet. However, like diapers, there are multiple choices. For parents who wish to try cloth training pants rather than buying pull ups (at 35 to 50 cents each!), cloth can be an option as well. Cloth trainers "breathe" well, which is great for the skin, are washable so they're easy on the environment.

Imse Vimse are very similar looking to real underwear - just a bit puffier due to the inner/outer layers, plus inner layer of absorbancy. They hold a pee, but not for a nap pee by any means. They are soft cotton on outer and where it touches toddler's body. Bummis training pants are more water "proof" but my daughter refuses to wear them becuase they outside is not like underwear at all. We're mostly in underwear now anyway but those really didn't get any use.
The Blueberry we have not used, but I have touched/looked at them and they seem as though they might be a bit more absorbant than the Imse Vimse, but I can't be certain... My favorites are definitely the Imse Vimse, followed closely by Little Beetles ,which have snap sides if you need to get them off of a sleeping toddler or if there's poop (which we haven't had, but I hear this is much easier!)

Combined with leggings (below), trainers are an easier way for parents to help their potty-learning child get started!

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