Tuesday, September 30, 2008

... and we're back

Viveka and I ventured out to the ol' hometown of Baraga this past week. Just a skip (1/2 hour drive to the airport), hop (flight from here to Detroit), and a jump (Detroit to Marquette)... oh and a dance (Marquette to L'Anse) to get there. Viveka let us know that she was not interested in the carseat, so I've attempted to make a song for her about who the safest baby is, but right now that's not getting through to her, so we do what we can, and try to have someone in the back seat with her.

It was great to see everyone and enjoy watching the L'Anse- Baraga football game (Go Vikings, go Cameron!), but I was reminded where I was when I went to the grocery store... Apparently organic has yet to make it to Pat's Foods of L'Anse. Not only do the not carry ANY organic fruits/vegetables, they do not carry organic baby food. Good thing Viveka still mostly flourishes on booby milk, hey!

Well back to the real world, because, guess what - this, where I am now, is my real world.

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