Saturday, July 19, 2008

Challenge - Chemical Soap use

I have to admit that, in general, I'm the one who steams up the bathroom. I have this belief that I can only get clean if the water is nearly boiling hot. Okay, we live in an apartment and the thermostat is not set *that* hot, but really, I like a hot shower. The fact is, though, we can get clean wthout the hot water. We can also get clean without the chemical soaps. An item that we currently use sparingly, but will use pretty much exclusively once we use up all of our "chemicals" is soap nuts. No, soap nuts are not people who go crazy over getting clean. Soap nuts (sapindus) are native to warm climates and may also be called a soapberry. Soap nuts contain saponin which is a natural detergent which is used to clean clothes, wash your hair, and other items. It is great for sensitive skin.
So my challenge to you is to take a load of your regular clothes, put them in the wash, without soap, and then open up your washer (assuming it isn't front loading!) mid agitation and watch how the suds! It is no wonder people with sensitive skin (like me and my daughter) have problems with chemical detergents like Tide! They stay in your clothes!
For more information on soapnuts, just do a quick internet search...

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